New way for creators to connect with Instagram subscribers

Dec 26, 2022

We want to give creators the opportunity to build stronger relationships with their communities, while receiving consistent monthly income. That’s why we developed Subscriptions – our new way for Instagrammers everywhere to make a living on the platform!

Subscriptions have opened up to the entire US, and now we’re offering you more ways than ever before to share content, build meaningful connections with your subscribers and maximize earning potential.

Allowing our subscribers to stay connected with us has become even easier! We’re introducing chat features, a platform for sharing unique content and an exclusive tab on every profile – so make sure you don’t miss out.

Subscriber chat

Subscribing to something should be more than just consuming content; it should build an exclusive community. Unlock the potential of your subscriber base and expand your earning power with a unique, immersive experience they won’t find anywhere else!

Amplify your engagement with subscribers in the moment! With Subscriber Chats, you can connect up to 30 of your most dedicated viewers and share tips for success, discuss topics that excite both parties or just feel connected. Don’t worry about staying too long – these chats are powered by Messenger so they’ll automatically end after a day-long chat session.

Let your viewers join the conversation effortlessly with our new “join chat” sticker! Your subscribers can jump straight into conversations from stories, while followers just need to tap a button to subscribe and be part of the discussion. Start chats today – on us!

Boost your subscriber management with the new inbox tab! Easily keep track of all discussions so you can never miss a message and quickly respond. Experience hassle-free communication today!

Exclusive Posts and Reels

Create engaging and exclusive content to build strong connections with your subscribers! With posts or reels, you can give life-long fans something new, exciting, and interactive. This will not only draw in more followers but also keep them coming back for the amazing experiences that await them on your profile.

Exclusive Tab on Profile

Bring your subscribers to the exclusive side! With the launch of our Subscriptions tab, you can now give them access to a world of special content. From saving their day with VIP perks and shareable surprises – everything they need is in one spot for easy discovery as soon as they join your community.

To increase the value of your Subscriptions, we’ve been hard at work! We recently rolled out a subscription story sticker and promo reels to aid in gaining new subscribers. Plus, you can now create personalized welcome reels for new members with just a few simple steps – giving them an unforgettable introduction into your community.

Meta is excited to announce the ongoing expansion of our Subscriptions service for tens of thousands of creative minds. We are so passionate about providing support and resources that we have committed not to take any fees from this essential platform until 2024! Keep an eye out in the months ahead as more creators capitalize on the benefits it provides.