Instagram Tests New Collaborative Collections Feature

Dec 28, 2022

A suite of fresh features have been unveiled for the platform, enabling users to express their true selves and stay connected with loved ones. Through Notes, Group Profiles or Candid Stories – a world of meaningful relationships awaits!

Bring content-sharing to a new level with Collaborative Collections! Invite your pals and create an exclusive collection of posts that nobody else has access to. It’s the perfect way for you all to bond over shared interests in style.

Dive into the new Instagram feature everyone’s talking about! We’ve gathered all the intel for you to explore, plus our take on why it’s being tested.

What Is Instagram Collaborative Collections Feature?

Make your Instagram experience go from great to extraordinary with Collections! Instantly curate posts filled with home decor ideas, tantalizing recipes and memorable wedding inspiration for the ultimate personalized lookbook.

Unleash the power of collaboration with Collaborative Collections! Now you and your friends can work together on projects, curate special collections, or just keep each other updated. The possibilities are endless!

Meta makes it easy to start or contribute to Collaborative Collections with just a few clicks! Save posts directly from your feed, or share them through DMs – and save away.

Got wanderlust? Dreaming of gifts that’ll wow, or need an arsenal of memes to inject into conversations with friends? You can use these shared posts for all this and more – the possibilities are endless.

Why Is Instagram Testing the Collaborative Collections Feature?

Instagram delivered a summer sensation earlier this year with its “Make Instagram, Instagram Again” mission. Fans of the beloved platform noticed an increasing amount of videos popping up on their feeds and took to voicing their concerns. In response, Instagram listened – adjusting its algorithm to reduce suggested posts and ensuring users would be getting more bang for their buck when scrolling through content!

In 2023, the app’s focus on video is likely to remain strong. However, new features like Collaborative Collections and Group Profiles suggest a shift towards more social community-building tools as well.

With Instagram, making meaningful connections has never been easier! Whether engaging with friends or discovering new commonalities, this social platform provides a place where people can come together.