Feature new Instagram sharing: Notes, Group Profiles and more

Dec 22, 2022

Instagram has rolled out some amazing updates that make it easier to stay connected and share experiences with the people you love. Now, you can have meaningful conversations or explore common interests – all from within Instagram’s friendly platform!

Share your thoughts

Now introducing Notes, the ideal way to stay connected with your closest friends! Share a quick thought in just 60 characters – including text and emojis – and watch it appear at the top of their inboxes. Start conversations or get feedback on ideas through direct messages that show up right away in your own inbox. Get creative and bring back quality communication today!


From seeking advice to sparking dialogue, our testing revealed that users wanting a simple way to communicate their thoughts and feelings could benefit from Notes. It’s an informal platform for people to share whatever is on their mind – providing them with the perfect opportunity for connection and conversation!

Create Moments With Friends

People are always looking for new ways to connect with each other and share the small moments that make up their day. We’re excited to be testing out innovative features on Stories, so individuals can get even closer through spontaneous and playful interactions.

From sweet to silly, Add Yours prompts in Stories have been inspiring people around the world to share their unique perspectives. Now you can bring your friends along with our new ‘Pass it On’ feature! Invite them into a conversation and get creative together – no matter how near or far apart you two may be.

Enjoy special moments with your friends in a more authentic way! With Candid, you can now share real-time stories exclusively amongst yourselves. Capture these fun experiences from the Stories Camera, multi-author story on top of feed or be reminded daily after posting your first candid whatever works best for you. For those who prefer to opt out of notifications, no problem; simply adjust settings accordingly and enjoy seamless storytelling! Plus we’re testing similar features on Facebook Stories too even more possibilities for an interactive experience like never before.

Collaborate and keep up with teams

Discover a new way to stay connected with your friends and loved ones on Instagram! Group chats let you share fun experiences, reminisce over old memories, or make plans together. We’re working hard to give people even more ways of collaborating in groups so that staying close is easier than ever before.

Get ready to up your social game! With the new Group Profiles, you and your friends can come together in a dedicated shared space to share posts and stories. No longer worry about what information is seen by all followers – when sharing content with Group Profiles only group members will have access. To start making one of these special profiles simply tap that + symbol on any device for an easy (and fun!) set-up process!

Are you tired of sharing posts with others and having them just disappear into the ether? Now, you can connect over shared interests in a totally new way! With Collaborative Collections, now available for testing, people can save their favorite content to collections they share – either as part of a larger group or even one-on-one. It’s easy too: Just save your post from Feed directly or DM it to any friend – then start savoring all those special moments together.