Candid Stories: Instagram Tests New BeReal-like Feature

Dec 29, 2022

Instagram is set to revolutionize the way its users interact with one another, introducing a game-changing feature that has many drawing comparisons to BeReal’s popular platform. Candid Stories – get ready for an entirely new Instagram experience!

Ready, set and snap! With BeReal’s dual camera feature, users can capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments in an instant – then easily share them with friends. Time is of the essence – you have just two minutes to act!

BeReal is on the rise reportedly reaching 21 million monthly active users. With this rapid success, it appears Instagram may be looking to stem BeReal’s momentum with its latest Candid Stories test. Find out all the facts here!

What Is the Instagram Candid Stories Feature?

Alessandro Paluzzi, a renowned developer for uncovering early app updates and features, revealed the game-changing Candid Challenges. With this new discovery users are now able to take their experience with apps to an entirely different level.

Dual Camera users, get ready to reveal your candid side! Candid Stories is giving you the chance to share a truly personal photo – just check your notifications and unleash your creativity.

Once finished, users can showcase their work of art on Instagram Stories. There they are able to utilize a variety of editing tools (except filters) in order to create something completely unique!

With Meta’s Candid Stories, users can experience a unique community of self-expression – where only those who share their own stories will be able to uncover the tales shared by others.

Make Instagram your own! Personalize each experience by selecting whether you wish to receive notifications or take a candid snapshot from the Stories camera – perfect for those special moments that deserve extra attention.

Why Is Instagram Testing This Feature?

This year, Instagram has been cooking up some exciting new features like Notes and Reels Templates to keep their users captivated!

With Gen Z rising in popularity, Instagram must constantly adapt to their ever-changing social media habits. This next generation is a force to be reckoned with and the platform’s future success depends on staying ahead of their needs.

Generation Z embraces a more authentic approach to social media, foregoing the thoughtful curation that had been popularized by millennials. Instead they prioritize realness and celebrating their true selves online – choosing raw content with fewer filters or captions over carefully planned posts.

With the introduction of Candid Stories, Instagram could arguably become a platform for unbridled transparency and realness. As it’s presently in its testing phase, only time will tell how this game-changing feature will take shape!

We may be entering an era of authenticity. Creators and brands alike are shifting away from polished visuals to reveal the genuine, unedited moments they experience daily; a bold move that could mark monumental change in our digital landscape!